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radioactive leaks

This site should have an easily accessible link to public comments on various issues of concern to the public. Currently, my concern is regarding radioactive leaks into our ecosystem.


Tritium can be incorporated into water molecules just like non-radioactive hydrogen atoms, and can’t be filtered out. “Tritiated” water acts just like normal, non-radioactive water in the environment and biological systems, even crossing the placental barrier, so it creates a potential health threat if high levels of tritium move off a utility’s site to contaminate drinking water wells.


The nuclear industry has responsibilities to monitor and inform the public.

What level of tritium is leaking? When is the ground water tested?

Currently, information on leaks depends on a voluntary industry groundwater monitoring program!


I understand that a task force established by the NRC is considering whether that program should be required in its regulations. Please let me know what is decided. Thank you.



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