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Reject the relicensing of the Duane Arnold Nuclear Power Plant

To Whom It May Concern:

I tried to send the following email and the NRC refused to accept the email.


This is not open government.




To: Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Re: Reject the relicensing of the Duane Arnold Nuclear Power Plant


I live within 10 miles of DAEC, and therefore am subject to an Emergency Action Plan in case of an accident at DAEC.


I urge the Nuclear Regulatory Commission(NRC) to reject the relicensing of the Duane Arnold Nuclear Power Plant(DAEC) for 20 more years from 2014 to 2034, and instead to decommission the DAEC nuclear power plant.


In connection with the environmental monitoring of DAEC, why is the effect of the nuclear power plant on milk no longer monitored?

(See #2 below)


DAEC has reached the end of it's proposed life span. To extend this license is to endanger the public welfare. Components of the power plant have fixed life spans. Some of the components are subjected to nuclear radiation which shortens the lifespan of the components. Replacing some of these components is not enough to ensure the plant would be safe for another 20 years.


I refer you to


Please note the following reasons for not renewing the DAEC license:


"1. Health


Studies have found that any increase in radiation exposure leads to an increase in risk for cancer. At various points in the nuclear fuel life cycle, nuclear power poses serious risks to public health."


Question: How can DAEC prove that increases in the radiation exposure in the Cedar Rapids area has occurred and will continue under the new proposed license?


2. "Uranium Mining


Uranium mining has been shown to create devastating health effects on miners and communities. Miners and their families exposed to radon gas, a highly carcinogenic substance that emanates from uranium mining, have been diagnosed with small cell carcinoma and other forms of cancer.

Uranium mining tends to be concentrated on indigenous lands, where impoverished communities, eager to find work, are uninformed of the environmental and health impacts of the mining. The effects have been so devastating in the United States that the Navajo Nation, upon whose lands sit one of the largest uranium reserves in the world, has outright banned the practice, even as they struggle with crushing poverty.

Elsewhere in the world, serious human rights violations are being perpetuated against other indigenous communities in the name of fuel for nuclear reactors."


Question: How can DAEC assure us that there will be no increase in radiation beyond background levels in the Cedar Rapids area?



3. "Routine Releases from Operating Reactors


Radionuclides routinely released in nuclear reactor operations have been linked to developmental problems, birth defects, reproductive problems, cardiovascular disease, leukemia and other cancers.

Pollutants from nuclear power such as tritium, which acts like water in the body, can enter fetuses through the placenta. Tritium leaks into groundwater have been reported all over the United States, from Arizona to New York.

Epidemiological studies of children living near nuclear reactors show a positive association between leukemia and proximity to nuclear reactors."


Question: In connection with the environmental monitoring of DAEC, why is the effect of the nuclear power plant on milk no longer monitored?



4. "Waste: What’s In Your Landfill?


The end of the fuel cycle and waste can also pose potential threats to human health.

‘Low-level’ radioactive waste, so classified based on its source and not its relative safety hazards, kept in shallow landfills can seep into groundwater and expose communities to an array of different radionuclides, from those with relatively short-half lives like tritium, to long-lived and highly toxic plutonium."


Question: How can the DAEC assure us that there will be no waste contaminating our air, water, land and living space?




DAEC can not stop the flow of radioactivity from it's nuclear plant into the surrounding community, and therefore is a danger to the public health. It's license should not be renewed for another 20 years.




Robert Schultes M.D.

1000 Prairie Drive NE

Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402




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