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Opinions about what additional datasets the NRC should publish

First of all, I think that NRC's implementation of openness with the public is and has been superior. I'm biased in NRC's favor, as a retired employee; but the NRC's openness is one of its key strengths.


Now for the suggestions:

1. Scan and load old NUREGs, docket files, and the like into ADAMS. Index them five ways from Sunday on the website. This issue has been a problem for years. It can only be solved with a lengthy program; but with the large NRC budget and the new reactor imperatives, it's time to correct this shortcoming. These older documents are very useful in forming part of our thinking and actions in the new nuclear age.


2. ADAMS document searches: When I retired in 2001, the ADAMS search feature was largely useless to all but a few ADAMS groupies. It's gotten better, but is still woefully behind the document search features of most other government agencies. Whether ADAMS stays, is greatly modified, or scrapped for something better, it needs vastly more sophisticated search and sort features.



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