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Making licensing information available online

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We welcome this opportunity to provide comments regarding which data sets the NRC could most usefully place online. I discussed this issue more extensively in a law review article entitled "Spotlight on Safety at Nuclear Power Plants: The View from Oyster Creek," 26 Pace Environmental Law Review 365 (2009), which may be found at:

http ://digitalcommons.


That article concludes that there are a number of extremely high value data sets related to the safety of nuclear power plants that are not currently available to the public. These include:


i)a compilation of links to documents that would allow the public to determine the Current Licensing Basis("CLB");

ii)a database of issued exemptions, violations (including NCVs), and license amendments, as well as ongoing corrective actions and investigations, with links to the relevant detailed documents;

iii)a log of documents that have been withheld from public release with an explanation of the reason for the lack of disclosure;

iv)licensee documents that the NRC has reviewed to make determinations regarding licensing, license amendments, exemptions, or violations (including NCVs).


We believe that the NRC is already in possession of all of the information that would be required to publish the information relating to. ii) and iii) online. In addition, the agency has, or should have, most of the information to compile i), although we recognize that could take considerable effort to assemble. With regard to iv), we request that the NRC make it a policy to place all reviewed licensee documents online from now on. We are not asking the agency to go back and compile all the documents that it reviewed in the past.


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