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Guidelines and monitoring for reactors

I urge the NRC to institute stringent guidelines and monitoring for possible leakage of radioactive material from nuclear reactors. As I understand it, at the present there is NO REGULATION, only voluntary monitoring of guidelines.

I urge that this laxness on the part of the NRC be corrected immediately, and that new guidelines for contaminant levels be consistent with or exceeding those of the EPA.


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    This comment has been forwarded to the NRC Groundwater Contamination Task Force, which is reviewing past, present and future practices related to radioactive contamination of groundwater wells and soil by nuclear power plants.

    Note: IdeaScale is still in a pilot phase and the NRC is using categories established by the White House until the end of pilot.

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    Your requirement to "Choose Category" may not have any relation to the IDEA being submitted. It only makes the person submitting the idea confusedj.

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    roger.joanne.lind ( Idea Submitter )

    I would like confirmation that my submitted idea was actually received and duly noted by the appropriate office in the NRC.