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Ground Water Monitoring at Nuclear Sites

From the Savannah River Plant to Hanford, Washington, and under every nuclear power plant in the nation, the NRC has no mandatory program for monitoring radioactive contamination of ground and surface water in place.


This is just more fuel for those who think that the NRC is in bed with the industry it regulates, requiring little, suggesting a bit more, enforcing nothing while granting exceptions to its own safety standards like it was giving out candy on Hallowe'en.


I live five miles from the Entergy Nuclear Vermont Yankee plant, which has lied to us about underground piping, delayed admitting it was contaminating our ground water with Tritium, and attempted to buffalo its way to a license extension that your agency seems perfectly happy to grant, while assisting the state and protecting our environment from long term damage none at all.


We are angry with you. To say we distrust you is merely polite. We consider the agency and its regulators corrupt and its rush to license aging plants that would never be granted a new licensed to operate today criminally negligent.


In this country, we regulate dams more stringently.


What are you going to do about it?


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